Phantom Gaming Chair

Phantom Gaming Chair
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Designed to provide maximum ergonomic comfort, the Phantom properly supports your weight while aiding with posture and supporting your lumbar region. The Phantoms mesh back and seat cradle your body while keeping you cool with added air flow and temperature regulation. Made to suit a wide variety of body types, workstation setups and tasks by adjusting to each individual user. The chair back moves and glides vertically with you throughout the day, keeping your spine in alignment and continuously supporting the lower back. The seat is adjustable forward or back to provide the perfect seat depth and distance from the backrest, and the added headrest supplies full height support and neck relief. The Phantom is truly the most cost effective ergonomic mesh style gaming chair on the market.
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Phantom Gaming Chair

Experience Ergonomic Euphoria

Designed to provide maximum ergonomic comfort. Ergonomics begins with extreme adjustability, and the Phantom allows you to adjust the chair height so your feet are flat on the floor, hips aligned, arms at desk height while providing the proper lumbar support. The mesh back and bottom cradle you while the adjustable backrest and seat bottom provide the perfect seated experience every time.

Weight Limit 350 lbs.
Width of Base28"
Width of Seat18.75"
Width of Armrest3"
Width of Seat Back 18.5"
Overall Height49.25"
Back Height22.75"
Floor to Top Seat 16.5" - 19"
Floor to Armrest 24.25" - 27.75"
Seat Depth19"
Headrest Height7.5"
Headrest Width13"
Headrest Depth4.5"
Armrest to Armrest18.75"
Armrest Depth9.75"

Adjustable Arms & Seat Bottom

The Phantom allows you to adjust the arm height so you can easily reach your workspace and sit comfortably.  By adjusting the seat using the pull tab, you can slide your seat forward or backward allowing your arms to rest at an optimal position for you. 

Flexible Backrest Glide

The chair’s back moves and glides with you throughout the day, keeping your spine in alignment and supporting the lower back, all without any adjustments on your part. With little effort, you can lie back and stretch out when you need to.  

Five-Point Aluminum Base & Back Frame

Stability starts with the Phantom’s sturdy five-point metal base and aluminum frame which provides superior support and strength for all day ergonomics. 

Full Body Mesh Support

The Phantoms mesh back and seat provide full body support and keep you cool even during the most intense gaming sessions.  The mesh not only provides support but it breathes, providing ample airflow to keep you cooler than upholstered chairs.

Full Synchro Mechanism with Side Tension

Engineering an advanced gaming or office chair starts with state of the art mechanics.  The Donati full synchro mechanism allows the seat and backrest to move independently from each other when laying or tilting backwards.  When engaging this mechanism, the user is able to keep both feet planted on the floor when tilting back.  By simply pulling out the spindle, you can adjust the tension to your exact setting.  The user can also engage the lever to lock and un-lock the backrest movement. 

Optional Back Jacket with XZipit

It is easy to display your favorite logo by utilizing the exclusive Phantom back jacket with XZipit which slides over the back providing a seamless, snug fit. 

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Removable Headrest

The Phantom comes with a removable headrest which is easily attached via two screws providing proper head and neck support.


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