The HQ Gaming Desk

HQ Gaming Desk
Limited Time Price of $299.99
Normally $349.99
For gamers looking for nothing but the best, the Zipchair HQ Gaming Desk has everything Pros and Casual Gamers require. From full accessory support to an elevated monitor stand, this great looking desk is robust with a 300lb weight capacity. Featuring a carbon fiber finish top, removable stand for monitors and speakers, a beveled front edge for added forearm comfort, and customizable side branding, the HQ Gaming Desk delivers just enough flair and style to let you know this is a serious gamers desk.
HQ Gaming Desk
Desk Height30"
Desk Width 47.2"
Desk Depth23.6"
Monitor Stand Height4.3"
Monitor Stand Width31.5"
Monitor Stand Depth6.9"
Commercial Grade

Built to Last

Weight Limit
Weight Limit

300 lbs.

Optional Addons

Cupholder and Hook

Addons Available

Choose from the following add-ons to upgrade your HQ Gaming Desk:

Headphone/Bag Hook +$20.00

Cupholder +$20.00

Removable Oversized Monitor Stand

Perfect for a dual-monitor setup or a single monitor setup with extra space for speakers and accessories.

Power Strip Holder

A power strip holder is located underneath the desk to help hide and organize your cables.

Adjustable Leveling Pads

The adjustable leveling pads create a flat finish allowing your gaming desk to adjust and remain level on any uneven surface.

Carbon Fiber Top Finish

Commercial-grade quality with a weight limit of 300lbs.


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